Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Registration Sensation- North Shore Swim Series Edition

Short registration update-
I was browsing the Facebook today when a message popped up from the North Shore Swim Series. We are friends, you see. Yes, I'm friends with a Series. I don't know how it types. The message talked about the race this weekend.
THIS WEEKEND!?! Holy crap! I just registered for the Aloha State Games Swim Meet this weekend! I registered for the wrong swim thing! (Yes, I'm so deep into triathlon I'd rather do an open water swim than a meet. It was kind of a surprise to me too.) But wait, what's that silver lining? The Summer Sprint is Saturday? The Aloha Games Meet is Sunday?
The only bummer thing is I missed the registration date for this race, so I've got to register day of. Hopefully I sill get a t-shirt. I don't do it for the t-shirt, but swag is nice to have. Missing regular registration also means a higher fee. Which brings me to thanking my wonderful, fantastic sponsor, Background Profiles! They are truly funding this race and its panic registration. Much thanks to them!
I'll be back to regular workout posts soon.

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  1. too bad the meet is on Sunday. it would have been nice to use the OWS as a nice recovery swim after the meet. i am sure the meet will be a more intense sprint style activity.