Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Little Honu Post (and a Damn Funny Email)

There is a massive multi-part Honu race report coming after we get home. This is a mini-post because...because I feel like I haven't updated in a while and that bothers me. And I can't wait to start writing about this experience.

Basic Big Info:
Finish time- 6:54.24

All my splits can be found here. My race number was 1553. Rest assured, I will talk about those splits a lot in the coming posts.
I'm very happy with my result. I had a great swim, the bike was hard but the pros who have been at this race a bunch of times said the conditions were the worst they've ever seen, and the run was survived. Again, each leg might get its own post. I've gotta write it and see how long it all is and make the call on how many parts this will be.
It was a great race, a fantastic experience, and yes, I can't wait to do another one. With Dirtbag Fetus on the way I'm not sure when that will be, training will be taking a backseat to more important things very soon. I'll have time to train for Olympic distances, those seem much easier today than they did a year ago today, but another 70.3 might be put on hold for a while. This is why I did this one. Super Awesome Wife and I were planning ahead.
This being a mini preview, it is the perfect time to share an email I got from one of my best friends today.


  I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on completing the Half Iron-Man.  It’s incredible; and I can’t even imagine how much dedication and focus it takes to train and complete one.  I have a ridiculous amount of respect and admiration for you right now.  That being said, I have some other one-liners that I was dying to send you, as soon as I heard:

1.)    I don’t care if it’s an Iron-Man, Copper-Man, or Aluminum-Man.  It’s still only a “Half”.  Which means you are still only half a man.

2.)    Since you’re only half a man, if your wife needs to use the bottom half of a man, tell her to give me a call.

3.)    I swear to God, you will do anything that allows you to wear spandex shorts, and no shirt.

4.)    Anything you have to shave your legs to do, can NOT have “Man” in the title.

5.)    I really wanted to participate this year, but there was a Storage Wars marathon on A&E.

6.)    When Lance Armstrong participates in a Half Iron Man, do you think it reminds him that he only has one testicle?

7.)    I didn’t even think you had the focus to complete a Lord of the Rings Marathon.


No, this isn't offensive. Yes, it cracked me up, and it cracked me up again just now re-reading them. I think #3 and #7 are my favorite. 

And now, a couple of pictures. Yes, there are a lot more to come.

Please click here for Part I- The Beginninging


  1. Very good buddy! I can't wait for the next one.

  2. Congrats Doug! Well done. I loved the email from your friend too. I was chuckling out loud and my daughter asked why. I told her I was reading a funny blog and she called me lame in front of her friend :-).

  3. Matt read that email to me earlier and I couldn't stop laughing at #3... it's so "you" :) I mean that in the best way possible!

    We tracked you through the whole race and we were in complete awe!! I bet Dirtbag Fetus is proud. Hope you are recovering well, can't wait to read your next few posts!

  4. Great race, super dedication, and so happy you enjoyed your efforts. And Steve is a crack up - gotta love him.

  5. Awesome race, Doug. I was following you and a few other buddies on the ironman site. Can't wait til you full report.