Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Balance Minimus Road 10v2 First Run

I have been in the market for a new pair of running shoes for a while now. I don't want to completely replace my Vibrams, I love them. But I've been feeling like a shoe with a little more padding, a little more something underfoot, might be nice too. My feet get sore on runs sometimes and I think that is impacting my stride, which is why I have occasional knee issues.
After some research I settled on the Minimus Road 10v2, New Balance's newest road shoe. I had requirements- I wanted a zero drop shoe (zero drop means the difference between the heel height and the toe height is zero). I didn't want too much shoe, just a little padding. And it needed to be triathlon-friendly, which means sockless friendly.
The Minimus Road is almost all of these. It's actually a 4mm drop, which is barely anything. I'd rather a zero, but after my first run I really couldn't feel too much of a difference as far as heel height goes. What I could feel, what I couldn't feel rather, was the road. I had forgotten just how much road feel I get in the Bikilas. And these are by no means thick shoes. It's just that what I'm used to running in is way thin. Still, some padding was what I was looking for and that's what I got. The shoe is still plenty flexible so there was no adjustment to my stride needed. Forefoot/midfoot strike, figure four, and all that. The Minimus' are heavier than I'm used to too, but literally everything on the market is heavier than what I'm used to so that's not saying much either.

 I bought quick zip shoelaces but haven't put them on yet, so I don't know how that's going to work.
My initial impressions while running, and this is only after 3.6mi so I don't know what's going to change, is mostly positive. The shoe acts like I wanted it to. I realized very quickly that I haven't run in a "normal" shoe is over three years, and I'd forgotten what it felt like. The toe box is huge, which means my feet get to spread like they do in the Bikilas. They padding was just enough once I got used to not feeling every little pebble in the road.
 My only complaint right now is probably a user error issue- I was having a lot of float in the shoe. That is to say, I felt like my feet were moving around a lot. I think I bought the right size, they felt right in the store, so my problem is probably one of lacing. I'm going to have to fiddle with how tightly I can lace the shoes up and see if that fixes the floating. I do have two or three tiny baby blisters, but again that's due to the float so hopefully that's something I can fix. Otherwise look for a discounted pair of slightly used shoes for sale here soon! I need to go for a sockless run too, and I must get the movement issue puzzled out before that because I know that'll rub the crap out of my feet if I don't, and no one wants that.
The plan is to wear them during the Honolulu Tri, but if I can't get them to work out like I want I still have the Bikilas. Those won't be going away by any means. I'll rotate between the NBs and the Vibrams while training. That's probably better for my feet anyway.
The tongue is connected, which will make T2 quicker and easier, which I would care about if I ran faster

Every minimalist shoe review requires the Balled Up shot. Otherwise they take away my membership card.

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  1. You should probably use your Vibrams off road only, either trails or on a nice grassy area, like Central Oahu District park. You can easily do 3-4 miles with just two laps and stay off the pavement. Much gentler on the feet and legs!