Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reasons Aren't Excuses

23 minutes

I did not run far today, and I did not do it fast. I was sucking wind by the halfway point and my inner knee started to give me trouble around then too. There's a slight climb early in the course that destroyed my pace. My form felt wonky.
And I should not be frustrated by any of that.
The last time I ran was 19 days ago, during the Christmas Biathlon. That day my son was born. I've worked out maybe twice since. I've been busy doing other things like learning about the new human in my house. So there has been quite a lot of sitting on my ass. There has been too much snacking.
Of course my run sucked. Garbage in, garbage out.
I'm in the unique, for me, position of trying not to be frustrated and put off by bad performance and by a feeling of high effort/poor result. Getting back into the groove after time off is always hard and I haven't seriously workout out since the Honu. Of course, the Honu seriously fucked up what my internal version of "serious workouts" are, so maybe that's not true. Either way, I don't feel fit right now, and I know it is going to take a lot of work to get back to what I consider baseline fitness. I think I might register for the next two events in the Biathlon Series. There's one in two weeks and one at the start of February. Maybe having those, plus the Warrior Dash, will help me get up and get moving.
But right now I'm interested in staying positive and trying to get back into a regular workout schedule. The hardest part of working out is putting on your shoes. I see the mountain. I've been up it before. I just need to put on my shoes.


  1. You can do it Doug, and I'll give you a little push if you'd like!

  2. I think you actually get a pass. A new wee one in your life is a reason that more than qualifies. And congratulations as well, that's amazing news.

    That said, you don't need to eat snickers bars to change diapers...

    1. Thanks for the congratulations. Appreciate it.
      And you don't need Snickers bars to change diapers. M&Ms though...

  3. It's like reading my own training journal here. Between sleep deprivation-induced zombie-facing through my workday and desperately wanting to feel like an athlete, I remember being a little down about my performance when Fit Life Mini was brand new.

    Then came push-ups (accented by baby kisses) and soon after was a jogging stroller, used for walking.

    Hang in there boss!